It’s April. It feels like it was New Years yesterday, but here we are, close to celebrating Easter and with that comes a time again for us parents when we need to think about what we should get for our children. If you are like us, that process might be even a little bit more difficult, because you are thinking about how to handle a good balance between giving them presents, but having the main focus on why we celebrate Easter in the first place.

We are taking the week of Easter off from school, at least with our 1st grader and I definitely plan on posting what we are doing during that week, for now I just want to share a few ideas with you on what you could get for your children to fill their Easter baskets. We want to keep it simple, maybe so are you, but sometimes it can be hard to find something “small”, but nothing that ends up being unloved or “junk” in a few days or weeks and not give them an overload of candy.


Kwik sticks

Our children LOVE arts & crafts. Which I think is great. KWIK STICKS are definitely a big favorite in our home(school). It’s our toddlers favorite way of drawing at the moment. They dry fast and are mess free (compared to liquid paint).






Our BUTTERFLY GARDEN was a big hit last school year and our 6 Butterfly gardenyear old just asked again last week if we can raise butterflies again. It’s fascinating and so much fun. Pair it together with some great books about butterflies and you have a science lesson without them even knowing, because the enjoy it so much. {And once you own everything needed, you can just order new caterpillars and raise butterflies over and over again}



Something that has been on our wish list for a while is a ROOT VIEWER.We are going to start talking about seeds and with Spring being here it seems like perfect timing to add this to our collection of fun, educational toys.

root viewer


Books. You can NEVER have enough books. If you have no idea what to get your children, buy them books, that is always “the best” present.

A BUTTERFLY BOOK that goes along with the butterfly garden. The booksbutterfly from this series are beautiful, we absolutely adore them.







Or a book that is a great match for the root viewer, that teaches the children how THE SEED BECOMES A PLANT.

from seed to plant






A book about SPRING for your little ones.

Spring is here


We always like to give toys for outside as well, it just seems perfect with the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer.

CHALK. Why not. I know it can seem a little uncreative as a gift, but they are always great to have and to give, so the children can live out their creativity.






Another gift they can use outside is a JUMP ROPE. Makes them go outside, get their bodies moving even more and they can have hojump ropeurs of fun with it.



Have you heard of SCHLEICH animals? They are fantastic! They are sturdy and not a cheap plastic toy. They seriously last, we own some from my when me and my siblings were younger (and my youngest sibling is 22). Schleich animals are made beautifully with lots of details schleich. Our youngest loves dinosaurs and reptiles, our 6 year old likes to play with baby animals, horses and fairy items. They play with them in the house, in the bathtub and outside. Add some to your collection or start it up and you have always something you can add if you are in need of a gift. If I would have to get “rid” of toys and just keep one kind, they would be on the top of our list.



Do you have a teenager in your house that is difficult to shop for? A easy fix for that isgiftcard A GIFT CARD. They can browse through amazon and choose what they want themselves or maybe they do even have their own wish list and they can order something they have on there.

If you want to add something to it, add a BOOK, new fun PENS for journaling, nature journals, letters and just to add some pocket socketcolor and fun to writing in school or a POCKET SOCKET for their phones, for Facetime, selfies, videos, etc.



I hope this list helps you a little with inspiration, there are so many more ideas that aren’t too expensive or big and meaningless. I am truly only sharing with you what we have in our home(school), what is loved or things we would really like to give to our children.

If you have more questions about other art supplies, book suggestions {because there are so many more, but I don’t want to go too crazy with this post}, games or something else, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Leave a comment below or send me an email and I am happy to help you the best I can.


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Oh those Kindergarten years. They are so very precious. The children are still so little and eager to learn. Ready to soak up whatever you teach them about.

1st day of Kindergarten

We started homeschooling when our youngest was in Kindergarten. I had no idea on what would be best and how things work. I decided to piece our curriculum together and quickly learned that we won’t get very far with it. Replicating school isn’t what worked for us and wasn’t what we wanted. I came across my first moment when all the “starting homeschooling excitement” calmed down and reality came in. Reality that this wasn’t working and me asking myself, if it was a mistake to homeschool our child.

We were frustrated. We talked about sending her to school. There was something inside of me though that was telling me that this isn’t the way to go and so I started the whole process of searching for a matching curriculum for us again. I finally knew that we needed something more hands-on, something that included more activities and gave me a little bit more structure. I came across “My Father’s World” again and that time it instantly spoke to me and I decided to order it.

Besides starting to homeschool, ordering “God’s Creation from A to Z”, was the best decision I could have made. I know you read things about that this curriculum is “too easy” or “too slow”. It is easy and it is slow, but not “too”. It is wonderful. This curriculum showed us that hands-on learning is wonderful and fun, that {living} books are one of our best and favorite resources to learn from and that being outside and exploring nature is an important part when it comes to teaching our children. Every week and theme is based on a scripture and it teaches them such great and essentials character traits.

Taking school outside

Honestly, what is more important than that in those early years? It’s not about who can read the best at such a young age and who can solve the most complicated math problems. They will be able to do that at one point. Those young years are for building a strong foundation in their faith and knowledge of God’s love and word, grounding them in the truth and pairing it together in leading them to be gentle, kind and helpful human beings. For us moms and parents this is a time to enjoy our children, building an even deeper relationship with them. Watching them when they are excited about learning something new, spending time with them outside or snuggled up reading a wonderful book. Giving them the extra time to play and the chance to be a child.

Oh there aren’t enough wonderful things to say about this curriculum.

Pinterest is full of ideas. Take advantage of it and take your time to do as many of the activities, listed in the teacher’s manual, as you want. Make it fun, not overwhelming. Take many pictures. Read a lot. Go outside.

Our daughter had so much fun doing all the activities, she actually wanted to explore, learn and discover. The phonics approach to reading taught her how to sound out letters and words and didn’t just teach her sight words and even though they are not focused on having the children reading books by the end of Kindergarten, she had a great foundation to actually start learning how to read in 1st grade. The best part, it was so wonderful to see how her relationship with God started to grow.

Kindergarten Graduation

I wish I would back then known what I know now. I would have done things differently, but that is okay. It’s a journey and we are continually learning and growing. I can share the things I’ve learned with you and am already excited to do MFW Kindergarten all over again with our boy in a few years.



We are a family of 5.

We are believers in Jesus Christ. Mom likes to eat vegan, the rest of the family doesn’t like it all the time. We move where the army sends us, we like being crafty, making messes, and being outside. We enjoy family movie nights, taking pictures of everything, making memories

and – we are homeschooling!

We started our homeschool journey in Kindergarten with our now 1st grader. Our oldest, which is in 9th grade now, joined later on too and we are getting ready to involve our almost Pre-schooler as well.

When I first came across the idea of homeschooling and decided to start doing it, I was the only one that was really excited about it, even though I had no idea where to begin and how to start, I just knew that this is what I was meant to do.

During all this time homeschooling grew into something much more than I could have ever imagined, now we all love it and are a homeschool family through and through. Homeschooling is a lifestyle and it continues to grow and to change. I am always making sure that what we do works great for each child and be open minded and ready to switch things up if needed.

When you first start to read about homeschooling you quickly realize that there isn’t just one type of homeschool mom and one way of how to teach them. There are all kinds of  methods and courses you can take and you start to wonder which category you fall under. It takes time, it takes trying out different kind of things. I came to the conclusion that we might just be a mix of a few things. We love to learn with My Father’s World and beautiful books, we feel really drawn to the Charlotte Mason way of learning with lots of reading and exploring nature and with our almost Pre-schooler I find myself looking more into the Montessori and Waldorf method.

HOMESCHOOLLife can get crazy around here, there are days when I go to bed and just can’t believe how great the day was and there are days when I question myself and the idea of homeschooling. Some days are filled with lots of love, fun, laughter and learning and some days we yell too much, I ask Mrs. Frizzle or the Wild Kratts to be the teachers and I am glad when they are all in bed.

That is when the most important part comes in, I constantly need to remind myself that it isn’t just about what they “need” learn and know, but to give my best that they develop a love for learning, teaching them how to become lifelong learners and to have my focus on who they are becoming, to raise them in faith, to give the world a few more souls that are passionate and compassionate.

We were given 3 beautiful souls, and we are so very grateful for that. So here I am, pouring my love into them, with lots and lots of God given grace and patience. Soaking up as much as I can, while they are growing up in front of my eyes a little bit more every day. Sharing with you this beautiful, exciting and sometimes exhausting journey in hope to inspire, encourage you and to show that we all aren’t alone in this.

Welcome to our blog.

Let’s grow minds and hearts together.