Meet Jessica

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Hey, I am Jessica. Child of God. Wife to an amazing husband. Mom to 3 wonderful children and pregnant with blessing number 4. Our children are my personal ministry and 2 years ago I felt the calling to start homeschooling. Besides that, in 2012, I found a way to honor my body and my health. I learned how to lose weight healthy, how to stay active in the comfort our our home and it is a passion of mine to share this knowledge and help other people/families, so they can implement the changes they need in their life.

I created this blog to have a platform to share with you snippets of our family life, what we do and use in our homeschool and my prayer is, that the things I share about our faith life inspires you to make space in your day for the One who created you, to surrender your life to Him and that you find the help, tools and accountablility you need to create a healthier lifestyle.

If there is ever anything you need help with or you have questions about, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me, I am happy to help.

Thank you for being here and many blessings,