A new school year begins

We were so ready for our school year to be over, we needed a break. A big overseas move, doubling up lessons, settling into a new place, a new state, mommy being in the first trimester. Yes, we were definitely ready to not do school anymore.

The funny thing is, in the same way we were ready for a break, we were ready to get school started again. I wanted to begin sooner, but it didn’t work out and that is okay. The more excited we were to finally get started. Not even a cold that was lingering on pretty much all of us couldn’t keep us from getting started.

I spent many hours preparing for the new school year and to some that may sound boring, but for me it is so exciting and lots of fun. I had my husband help me change up our homeschool room, or as my husband corrected me, and asked if I meant the homeschool house. 🙂 We do not have a dedicated homeschool room, it happens all here in our living area and I honestly really like it that way at the moment. Anyway, I wanted a little bit more shelf space and he built us an amazing shelf, that gives us lots of space, but was absolutely affordable. I am very grateful for that.


The night before the first day of school I stayed up way too late, but as usual, I did have some last minute projects to finish. The next morning I still got up early to have some time for myself, decorate our chalk wall, do my bible study and pray over our homeschool room and homeschool year. That was something really precious and wonderful.

And do you know all those picture perfect plans you have for the first day of school and first week of school? Yeah……those…….the ones that (most of the time) never happen. Yes, I had them too. BUT, we said that we were going to start relaxed and have an easy first week of school, so I did my best to just embrace everything.

I thought it would be so nice on the first day to have a breakfast together, but I did have a teacher breakfast from our co-op so we didn’t do it. The breakfast was very nice though and it was a good morning. At home we looked through our curriculums and since we didn’t have a special breakfast, we did start with our weekly tea time in the afternoon. We made our favorite cookies and I set up the table a little bit with some books and apples. It didn’t turn out the way I pictured it, but it was just fine for us. We started reading our first history book (which they really like) and just a little bit into reading the door ball rang. The kids know it’s usually a package and lately mainly books, which they always get excited about. So tea time turned into an exciting package unwrapping activity. They had lots of fun and started exploring them right away.


First day of school means first day of school pictures of course. I thought it would be nice to take them in the evening to get a chance to take one together with daddy since, you know, we are a homeschool family. Well…..that didn’t work out. The young one didn’t cooperate at all, so I took pictures of our 10th and 2nd grader. No pictures of the little one, the kids together or the family. Here we are again with those plans that sometimes just don’t work out the way we want to. 🙂 {We finally got his picture a week later, on the first day of co-op. Not the way I planned either, but with a great story to tell. We are already making memories!} For dinner we decided to let the kids choose what we are having, they loved doing that and so I cooked one of their absolute favorites. Lasagna. It was delicious!


The rest of the week went pretty good. We had some kind of trouble coming up with actually having to do work, but it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the week. It was all in all a great first week. Relaxed, just as we wanted, sick not as we wanted, but we took it slow, fought it off and still got our work done in order to be able to take Friday off when daddy was home! ❤


I am so very grateful and thankful for the calling of homeschooling my children. For a God who guides and provides. It can get hard sometimes and it’s not always a beautiful field full of flowers, but the opportunity to have my children around me all day, to actually be with them, to raise them, to shape them, to plant seeds is priceless. I am praying for a wonderful year of homeschooling. For growth, for endurance through tough times and a beautiful outcome at the end of such times, for patience and love for everyone and for their hearts to be like good soil, so the seeds that get planted can flourish.

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